Tuesday, August 30, 2005


This is the baby blanket pattern I'm working on for my sister- who is due in December


all of the baby blanket in it's glory

Saturday, August 27, 2005



Last night was Notre Dame's "The Show"- it's attempt to lower the impact of Rally in the Alley... and if you don't know what that is, you're better off not knowing.

Cake and Akon were the performers... and I LOVE CAKE!
For a little perspective... I was in high school when Cake first became popular. The freshman crowding up at the front of the stage were.... 10 years old. That's right, I was part of the old people at the concert. But I had tons of fun anyway!

My favorite songs... Going the Distance, Short Skirt/Long Jacket, Never there- plus there were tons of older songs and a few brand new songs too!

I'm so happy.... so happy that even though I'm at school for trial advocacy at 8:30am... and I got up at 6:30am... I'm smiling and "chipper"- another law student commented on my happiness.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


1st week was great!

Alrightly... here's the class line up

Federal Criminal Practice (white collar crime)
Intensive trial advocacy
Moot Court- Trial

plus Women's Legal Forum planning- I'm lining up speakers
plus my kickboxing class, and an instructor training class I'll be team teaching.

I am having a great time, although I'm pretty busy and don't have much time to knit.

Not that that'll stop me... I bought an out of print book by Jan Messant... Knit a Fantasy Story.
There's a CASTLE... and a Knight in Shining armor, a unicorn, a dragon, elves, fairies, dwarves, people, sheep, chickens, a whole FARM even... I can't even explain how excited I am!!
I can't wait for the next knitting meetup- anyone up for a little meetup one of these weekends?

Sunday, August 21, 2005


Class is over, and so it begins

I'm driving back to Chicago to see one of my older sisters, her husband and my nephew (of the blue duffle coat with red lining) So in about 2 minutes I'm going to hop in my car.
But first a quick update- class was exhausting, in depth and lots of fun. Although I now want to go to sleep for a week- my dreams would be in trial form. I really did have a fun time. And I have a video of all my performances that I have to watch (some of them are cringe-inducing)

anyway- so I'm going to miss today's guild meeting (like I missed Wednesday's meeting) I'm not too happy about that, but such is life.
On another sad note- I was watching 3 spinning wheels on ebay with the specifications I wanted- but they all went over $120- which is the cutoff I decided on. Oh well... I'll just have to keep looking. Not that I'll have the time to use it anyway.

This semester is going to be so much work, but fun too.
Interview tommorow morning- Chicago firm- wish me luck!

Monday, August 15, 2005


Spinning wheel for sale?

1st day of classes went just fine (it was a 1/2 day)
tomorrow it's 8:30am- 6:30pm, so you can just pity me all week long. But it's totally worth it.
Anyway... I have to dress in a suit tomorrow.... it'd be funny if I didn't look so darn great!

off topic- I've been inexplicably desiring a spinning wheel. mmm.... I've been dreaming of Ashford Traditionals, Travellers, but even better-the original folding Lendrum. Needless to say my daydreams include a Louet S90, and I'm not even going to tease myself by looking at nicer wheels than that. It would be torture.
(sigh) it's not gonna happen people. I lack time and $. Technically I lack the $$$.

well- if anyone hears of a spinning wheel in the under $150 range... Preferable single drive (scotch tension), single treadle, with at least a few bobbins, and with a flyer that can deal with ratios that result in smallish medium-weight to bulky weight yarn(no laceweight for me), I'd be the happiest person if you could point me in it's direction... and yet, I'd understand if you need to hang on to that wunderbar deal.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

School starts Sunday for me... I can just hear the monster truck rally commerical in my head- "Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!" I have a ton of work to do today- but it will get done. My secret? I head over to a cafe that doesn't have internet. Then I have to work!

Oh! also, I think some people overestimated me, and assumed that being accepted by a journal meant I was getting published. Nope. In law school, we all fight for the (honor?) of being a staff editior. During the next year, I'll write a Note, and then maybe you all can congratulate me on getting published... but until then- I'm just someone with a red pen. Muhahahaha!

Sunday, August 07, 2005


dilemma solved

So despite Samantha's, Kym's and Eva's excellent judgment, I decided to give the old lady the benefit of the doubt... after all, I may have to return to where I saw her someday.
But it didn't matter, when I called, she said she had found it in a different book, but the name of the pattern and the pattern writer was different, so no- she didn't actually find it. And she didn't give a rats ass about the actual pattern. Oh well- I should have listened to you guys, silly optimistic me.

otherwise, the move back to the Bend has been bumped up to tonight. See you all soon!

Saturday, August 06, 2005



Ok- first the great news, I made a journal! It's the Journal of College and University Law... hooray!

ok, second of all, I went to a meeting today, and someone saw my baby blanket that I'm working on, and loved it. She asked me if I had the pattern, I said no, it was at home, since I don't need to look at it anymore. This woman (in her 60's at least) leaves for a moment and returns with a stamped envelope with her name written on it and asks/instructs me to photocopy the pattern and send it to her. I told her it was in a small pattern book, and that I could just give her the name of the book and she replied, "Well, I might not have the book." I was just so surprised at when she repeated the request/demand, that I just said ok - mind you this was all in whispers, my knitting is sliding out of my hands, and it took under a minute.
So I'm sitting there, and thinking about this, and since I'm moving on Monday, not only do I think it is wrong to copy something and send it, I'm not really happy about the idea of copying something for someone I don't know at all when I'm supposed to be moving. But that is besides the point. I mean, if someone I knew asked for the pattern, I would loan them the whole book. About 2 minutes after she had handed me the envelope, I went up to her and said that I wasn't comfortable copying for her, because of copywrite problems, and that someone who wrote the pattern might be making a living off of it. She huffed a little, and I repeated that if she gave me her phone #, I'd be happy to call her with the name of the book. But wow, was she mad! She wouldn't say one word to me after that, but she did write down her phone number.

So here's the big question- would you call her with the name of the book after being treated so rudely? I mean, she is a knitter- a misguided one, but a knitter at that, just trying to get a pattern she thought was beautiful. I'm torn- let me know what you think. (I'm leaning on the side of call anyway.)

Thursday, August 04, 2005

The best job ever comes to a close tommorow... I'm a little sad- I've had soooo much fun with the other interns and the attorneys.
The good news is that I'm teaching my boss how to knit tommorow! yay- not like I need an excuse, but she's pretty excited.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I'm alive...

Really! I move back to the Bend next week-and the last 3 weeks I've had a guest pass to the Multiplex- which by the way is fabulous! But knitting has progressed... I've been working on my pregnant sister's blanket- it's almost 1/2 way done! (hooray)

Candy has been done for a while now, I wore her to work when the other knitter in the office wasn't there (she's been working on it for months and I didn't want to make her feel bad about not being as fast a knitter as I am)

I mailed the niece's sweater, with some cute Elmo stickers- my (other) sister emailed me saying she loved the color (thank god-I was worried about the red) and the niece loved the stickers. Heh- kids, I guess I never need to knit them anything again, just send them sheets of age appropriate stickers until they reach puberty. Hmmm, that would leave more time for selfish knitting!

I've also won an Ebay auction for "knit a fantasy story" by Jan Messant- it's sooooo cool! knights, witchs, dragons, unicorns, farms, and tons of other stiff- you can even knit a castle!
Why am I in law school again?

I also made these crochet lavender sachets for my visiting aunt and aunt in law, they smelled so good, my boss asked me if I could make her twin boys one for Christmas.... riiight, I'm sure it would end up in their toy chest, mmmhmmm. Actually I decided to make her boys (2 year olds) hats. One gets to be a dalmation, and the other one gets to be a tiger.

Oh yeah- I move back early next week... and once I'm partially moved in, I'm going to beeline for Sit & Knit, Main Street's newest knitting store. HOORAY!

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