Sunday, August 21, 2005


Class is over, and so it begins

I'm driving back to Chicago to see one of my older sisters, her husband and my nephew (of the blue duffle coat with red lining) So in about 2 minutes I'm going to hop in my car.
But first a quick update- class was exhausting, in depth and lots of fun. Although I now want to go to sleep for a week- my dreams would be in trial form. I really did have a fun time. And I have a video of all my performances that I have to watch (some of them are cringe-inducing)

anyway- so I'm going to miss today's guild meeting (like I missed Wednesday's meeting) I'm not too happy about that, but such is life.
On another sad note- I was watching 3 spinning wheels on ebay with the specifications I wanted- but they all went over $120- which is the cutoff I decided on. Oh well... I'll just have to keep looking. Not that I'll have the time to use it anyway.

This semester is going to be so much work, but fun too.
Interview tommorow morning- Chicago firm- wish me luck!

Good luck on your interview! What classes do you have this semester?

I'm glad to see that you are having fun in school- after last week, I'm freaked out about the prospect of spending the next 3 years afraid of being called on :)
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