Tuesday, March 29, 2005

heh. After knitting for 3 days and typing for about 8 hours, my hands and knuckles are killing me. Is it possible to get carpal tunnel from the combonation of these two pursuits? Anyway- I'm going to avoid both for the next couple of days- typing only during class when I have to should help.

See you in 2-3 days!

Monday, March 28, 2005


I figured it out!

The pattern I've been working on is from Zoe Mellor's "Double Knits"... I have no idea why I thought it was a Debbie Bliss pattern!


this is what the pattern's picture is... obviously difficult to see because of the bad photocopy I made. There is a hood on the jacket, and I think I may line one with fleece. (for the NY nephew- the Alabama niece probably doesn't need a fleece lined jacket)


I've been a busy knitter!

Saturday, March 26, 2005


I jinxed it!

It's SNOWING in South Bend. Grrr.

Friday, March 25, 2005


3 inches into the back of the Duffle Coat- I think it might be a Debbie Bliss pattern, from "great knits for kids" but I'm not sure. The original pattern calls for Rowan Magpie. I wish I could show you what the coat is going to look like, but all I've got is a photocopy of the library book.


3 little chickies - don't they look so cute!

Thursday, March 24, 2005


Stash enhancement

So, I stopped by Micheals to see if they had yellow fur, so I could make fuzzy chicks (no, they didn't have any) and they had some yarn on sale...
I enhanced by adding 2 skeins of Moda Dea Sassy Stripes in Crush (for toe up socks this time)
and a bunch of Caron Sayelle in Dark Federal Blue to make a fall coat for my nephew - I think it's a Rowan kid pattern from a book- it was a library book, so I made a copy. The name of the pattern is called "duffle coat"- that must have taken an intense meeting to think of. I'm going to make a red Woolease duffle coat for my niece... I wish I could make stuff out of really nice yarn for them, but it's not to be.

picture of 3 adorable Easter Eggberts to follow.


It's official! Spring has finally arrived in South Bend!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


It's a Mini- Finished Project!

Easter chicky #1 - I made the beak a little to big... oops!
This was a great project to learn short rows on... it's only used for the tail, and the project moved really quickly.

#2 is on the needles... there are going to be some modifications made to the pattern... da da dahhh!
I think may make as many as 4 easter chicks- I guess the zipper isn't going to get put on the jacket anytime soon.

On a sadder note, I thought I might be able to crochet the tank... but the thread is so weak, it breaks when I pull it- so crochet is definetly out.

On a happier note, it looks like the Pingouin Mousse I set aside for Candy is going to work very well... I may have enough navy blue and turquoise to make a second one! maybe. ;) let's see how the first one goes.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Constitutional Law is finished!

Now all I have to do is catch up with everything else. On a lighter note, I'm going to reinstitute knitlunch Tuesdays- starting next week. I think it's time for a knitting accounting

Project waiting for Finishing
1. Ancient jacket needs ends wove in and a zipper attached

Current projects on the needles
1. thrummed glittens for me!
2. regular- nonfuzzy glittens for Chris
3. Easter chicks from Webgoddess

Up-and coming projects
1. felted bag from unidentified gray wool and the junk I spun
2. Candy from Kitty's winter in Pingouin Mousse black and mauve
3. tanktop (remake of the one Katie Holmes wore on the October Cosmopolition cover) with, get this! vintage Reynolds Palmona - a very thin, cotton boucle.(I found it in the basement-it probably was my grandmother's, but I can't be sure)
4. Shrug for Veronika
5. Shrug from pale blue elastic yarn and grey and blue ladder ribbon from my Europe trip

Thursday, March 17, 2005


Yarn Sore alert!

Those of you aquainted with Stitchy McYarnpants may or may not remember the dreaded Yarn Sores! For those of you who need to be educated... go scroll through the Museum of Kitschy Stitches- she's a comic genius! I've posted a picture from the site in case you want to gawk at the horror without scrolling through the museum- but Stitchy's comments are incredibly funny... no worries about the picture by the way- I'm not bandwith stealing!


So why the heck am I showing you the Yarn Sores?? Because they're baaaack! Possibly once of the funniest styles to be strutted down the fashion catwalk is the dreaded yarn sore... they've REBLOOMED!! after years of dormacy. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005



Today was a doozy. I got called on in Property. I wasn't horrible, but I wasn't prepared enough. After kickboxing class was over, I had a flat tire. I think I had hit a pothole or something earlier. South Bend roads suck. Lots. Anyway, so once I changed the tire- in the dark, mind you, it was already a bit after 7pm. 7pm is when the 3rd Wednesday knitting group meets. All the way across town. We recently moved way the heck across town when we outgrew a cafe that was literally right next to the University parking lot. Right- back to the story. So I drive way the heck out there... and I couldn't find the damn cafe. I'm driving up and down the freaking street trying to find this cafe so I can have one bright, happy hour of social knitting in this miserable day. I never found the cafe, so I stopped at Hobby Lobby for some sew on snaps and a zipper. I bought a zipper 2 inches too short. Oh vey. I'm going to bed now to minimize the suckiness of today. Goodnight everyone!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Confession time

I am a Sock Thief. The most heinous of thefts, a sock theft leaves the victim shivering and cold on bare floors, which the perpetrator slips away with warm toes. Not only am I a Sock Thief, but I am also a repeat offender. A nine time offender. We discovered this after I did laundry over the weekend, and I dumped out all the paired socks. I thought I had 2 or 3 pairs of BF's socks, but I had NINE! (my BF was quite pissed, but I couldn't stop laughing)
But I still need a catch phrase as I run away with his sock drawer next time, something cheesy and yet appropriate for the villain that I am. Any ideas?

With all the studying, I'm not getting much knitting done this week- but I'm still having a little fun (as evidenced by the above post) final exam in Constitutional Law is next Monday, so posting may be a bit skimpy until then.

Friday, March 11, 2005


Martha, Martha, Martha!

I've been surfing this morning, and numerous blogs have mentioned Martha's prison poncho as the height of fashion- Lion Brand is even creating a pattern for the thing. Personally, I dislike ponchos. I don't think anyone but the super skinnies look great in them, and I have this rule about buying or making things that don't make me look fabulous. So maybe the extreme dislike I have for Martha's poncho is rooted in poncho dislike. But maybe not. Drab colors, scalloped edging, and no shaping. I understand why Martha likes it, a fellow prisoner made it for her, and haven't we all loved something ugly because someone wonderful gave it to us? But the people who want a Martha Poncho of their own? Puh-leze. It's not like Martha wore it at a celebrity fundraiser.... she was released from PRISON! Do you really want someone to ask you why the poncho looks familiar? Enough with the celebrity idolization- infamous does not mean fashionable!
ok- that's my rant. Go make the Jessica Simpson shawl instead. Please.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Hooray! Blogger has been hiccuping all day long- but finally I am getting through. Ok- I've updated the gallery, not by adding all sorts of new projects, but by opening an account with flickr. Unfortunately I've used up my monthy upload limit, so next month you'll get another fix of Kristine's projects of days past.

In knitting news, I have finished the thumb of glitten #2- now I just have to finish the rest of it. The choice to spin the roving before using it was a good choice I think, it looks much better, although I may not ply the rest of the singles, and instead set the twist and use them alone.

:) Happy knitting everyone

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Round 2

today I made a second batch of merino handspun... small batches since I'm making them on the spindle. The singles were more consistent overall, and when I was plying I put a little more twist into it. I've decided that I'll probably have to undo the other mitten, but we'll decide that after this one has been finished.

Monday, March 07, 2005


ooo! look at the pretty merino yarn I made... first ply ever! I made the choice to use this chunky weight instead of pencil roving... the loose roving has started to shed a bit on the other mitten (it may even be remade- gasp!) Oh well, as if I mind more knitting

Sunday, March 06, 2005


Tada! Almost done, it needs a zipper and a collar... I had to tweak the color of the picture so you could actually see what it actually looks like. Unfortunately the tweaking made it look like I have a sunburn everywhere else. Not so. (and thanks for the support everyone- lst week was tough... next 2 weeks will probably be as bad :P)

It's Spring Break! A week to catch up and outline for Constitutional Law, and be able to get my knitting fix in...
Friday I made another version of the knitty submission (it's a pretty small project) and last night, I finished the second sleeve to the really really old UFO. I'm thinking of not doing the hood, and instead winging a fold-down collar. Needless to say, I am in harmony with the world once again. For a little while. Pictures to come.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

I have been working very hard all day, revising my appellate brief (memo to the appeals judge) and I had an epiphany- an AHA! moment. For the moment, I am brilliant, and we shall leave it at that

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