Wednesday, March 16, 2005



Today was a doozy. I got called on in Property. I wasn't horrible, but I wasn't prepared enough. After kickboxing class was over, I had a flat tire. I think I had hit a pothole or something earlier. South Bend roads suck. Lots. Anyway, so once I changed the tire- in the dark, mind you, it was already a bit after 7pm. 7pm is when the 3rd Wednesday knitting group meets. All the way across town. We recently moved way the heck across town when we outgrew a cafe that was literally right next to the University parking lot. Right- back to the story. So I drive way the heck out there... and I couldn't find the damn cafe. I'm driving up and down the freaking street trying to find this cafe so I can have one bright, happy hour of social knitting in this miserable day. I never found the cafe, so I stopped at Hobby Lobby for some sew on snaps and a zipper. I bought a zipper 2 inches too short. Oh vey. I'm going to bed now to minimize the suckiness of today. Goodnight everyone!

Which cafe? If they serve coffee, I probably know how to get there- should have called me.
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