Sunday, February 18, 2007



So I had an exam Thursday... Chris made this heart shaped browine for me, and SHOVELED THE DRIVEWAY! For those of you here in South Bend, you understand how great this was. Truly the best Valentine's day gift :)
P.S. It was not just any old brownie.... it was a Ghirardelli brownie. MMM.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


the new bathroom- revealed!

For those of you who had to suffer through my descriptions of redoing the bathroom... here's the last word (maybe). This vanity began as a slightly beat up buffet, lost a few inches in height, lost the left cabinet, had some inches routed out of the top, and we laid marble tiles and a sink in it. We also put in a new travertine stone floor- I cut every piece of the floor and vanity, and my old jacket has the stone dust to prove it! So worth it- the old bathroom had peeling vinyl and a small sized vanity with a top that went all the way across the bathroom and a mirror with those huge bulbs all the way around.- we should have taken a picture!
I kind of wish we could take vanity and floor with us when we move! Oh well, we'll probably just make another one when we get there!


I made this little dude when I went home a few weekends back- isn't it cute? I'm totally making another one!

This pattern came from "Knit a Fantasy Story" by Jan Messent. And I followed the pattern - except for using pipe cleaners to hold up the body. I just overstuffed a bit and placed the legs slightly differently.


picture post #2

This lovely little sweater is for my nephew... and is one of three "MUST" knits with a deadline (my wedding shawl and a baby blanket for an incoming niece/nephew is the other) This sweater also functioned as a break from the other two projects! This pattern is A Cardigan for Merry . It's very cute- I adapted it to a larger gauge yarn (lots of math) but apparently screwed up anyway with length (14 instead of 11 inches) ARGH! So although it looks like I'm almost done, I'm so totally not.
Specs- knit from Lion Brand Cotton-ease from stash (don't you love those last 2 words) takes under 3 skeins... although I suspect without my bad math it may only have taken 2. Bah humbug.

So what do you all think? Leave it at 14 inches (for an 18 month old) and pretend it's a coat/sweater (they live in Alabama- this could work) or shorten it so it's 11-12 inches? The nephew is apparently at the top of the growth charts- but he turns 1 year old in May. In my defense, my sister asked me to make if for the winter- that's where the 18 month old thing comes in.


I missed my camera!

I picked up my camera last week, and now I have many, many pictures to show you!
I'm starting with the knitting ones... I know what you all want!
So this one is the wedding shawl - deadline is late July/early August. Ok, really, it has to be dry August 18th. But the good news is that I doubt it'll take so long... it's already at 48 inches! (not including the edgings that go on the ends) I'm not sure how long it'll be in the end... I guess I should start thinking about that! For those of you interested in the pattern, it is Moon Dance from Pink Lemon Twist I'm really enjoying the pattern, mostly because I can't seem to memorize it!

Friday, February 16, 2007


Wii knitting stuff!

The entire landscape/scene is knit! I'm loving the graphics- even though I kind of suck at the game

Monday, February 05, 2007


Next 3 weird things about me... knitting related!

4. I have a strange urge to start new lace knitting projects ALL THE TIME. Even though I already have 2 lace projects on the needles (the wedding shawl and a forgotten pair of socks) and who knows how many OTHER projects!

5. I loves to spin medium-bulky singles and sometimes double ply in many different colors and shades. Strange part? I really prefer light-medium double (or more) ply in one color. I just it's just more fun to play with color in spinning? or I'm just weird.

6. I am both a yarn snob and an acrylic junkie at the same time... hmm, that's probably due to the fact I'm a student.

Tag... you're it! (I know you just got tagged with the random q's... but this one is fun too!) (yes, occasionally jazz hands, and even kicklines are included!)

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