Tuesday, November 14, 2006


It's been a little while

...but things are nuts here.
Just a sampling of what's going on

- took the 4 scuba dives in lakes that were required for certification. Yes, it was cold- really, really, really cold
- took underwater knitting pictures- in murky water. So they may not turn out.
- Went to a 2 day conference in Indianapolis "Women in Law"
- got the best knitting bag from the conference
- Went to Jen and Randy's alpaca farm (onceuponafarmalpacas.com)and demonstrated on my wheel
- taught a few of the girl's from Laurie's girl knitting group to spin, they were so fun and patient- gotta love the 8-10yr old attitude, they're not quite at the jaded teen years yet ;)
- spun up the red, orange and yellow roving I bought from someone's Michigan Fiber Fest overflow - a whole 118 yards worth
- bought a few ounces of roving that started life as Sugar's coat (one of the alpacas on the farm) Sooooo soft. Part of me doesn't want to spin it, because then I can't pet it as if it were a pet.
- School drama. enough said
- friend drama. also enough said
- totally ignored my schoolwork... which now I have to go catch up on!

by the way- once I get my camera back(I left it at a friend's), I'll be sending out some pictures that go with the above list

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

And finally, 4 out of 5 pieces of a cute jacket for my nephew. the pattern book is so cute- very 60's.

This is my dad's Christmas present- very fisherman's style. It took just less than one skein of Peruvian Highland Wool from the local knitting store- Sit and Knit. It knit up softer than I expected too- bonus!

Ok, I've decided to go ahead and post pictures of my latest knitting, since it occured to me that the recipents don't read the site. Here is a trio of baby hats... the yellow and white(handspun) are going to a friend at her baby shower, but I think I may hang onto the purple one- it's so cute and soft

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