Tuesday, November 14, 2006


It's been a little while

...but things are nuts here.
Just a sampling of what's going on

- took the 4 scuba dives in lakes that were required for certification. Yes, it was cold- really, really, really cold
- took underwater knitting pictures- in murky water. So they may not turn out.
- Went to a 2 day conference in Indianapolis "Women in Law"
- got the best knitting bag from the conference
- Went to Jen and Randy's alpaca farm (onceuponafarmalpacas.com)and demonstrated on my wheel
- taught a few of the girl's from Laurie's girl knitting group to spin, they were so fun and patient- gotta love the 8-10yr old attitude, they're not quite at the jaded teen years yet ;)
- spun up the red, orange and yellow roving I bought from someone's Michigan Fiber Fest overflow - a whole 118 yards worth
- bought a few ounces of roving that started life as Sugar's coat (one of the alpacas on the farm) Sooooo soft. Part of me doesn't want to spin it, because then I can't pet it as if it were a pet.
- School drama. enough said
- friend drama. also enough said
- totally ignored my schoolwork... which now I have to go catch up on!

by the way- once I get my camera back(I left it at a friend's), I'll be sending out some pictures that go with the above list

If they turn out, I hope you'll enter the pics in
Irene's "Knitting in the Wild" photo contest -- I mean, who could possibly top that?
Hey, Kristine!

Given any more thought to the knitting retreat? Right now, to be honest, I'm leaning towards not going, simply because of time and money.
Know what I love about scuba? It's one of those acronyms that no one realizes is an acronym, like laser. Sounds cold in the lake though.
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