Thursday, June 30, 2005


The beginnings of a collection...

Remember the adorable farmer and cow I bought way back on May 15th? I found some more knit finger puppets...
A white llama with saddle and ear tassels, a giraffe and a crocodile (because you have to have a villian)


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Check out the Ipod pattern I posted... thank you Madalyn! and as a bonus I made a button for the Knitterati (check it out on the side bar lower down...) I warn you though, it is not a sanctioned button- I tried to email the person in charge of the list, but I think she's busy taking over the world. Feel free to borrow the button if you've joined the group- but No stealing bandwidth- if you don't know what the heck I'm talking about when I say "bandwidth," email me and we'll talk. :)

Finally... this isn't the only new post- scroll down for some great news and pictures!


No, I was not on vacation or in the hospital...

... my home internet connection has been really horrific, so I finally admitted defeat and dropped by the library to take advantage of it's wonderful wireless connection. I love my local library!

First the good news- One of my (many) older sisters is pregnant! It's her first... she's due right before Christmas... and I'll be making her a blanket. I was kinda dumb and showed her the blankets in my grab bag of baby stuff- basically little in between projects that will be distributed between sisters (I've got 4) and friends during the next decade. But anyway- I showed her the stash... which means I have to make her a brand new one. So although I hate the idea of a white baby blanket, I can't make a yellow one, because the niece's blanket is yellow. No repeating for at least 5 years. (that's my self imposed rule that I will break when I feel like it). But the sis has given me free rein on what exactly I should knit... but since she admired a cabled bunting outfit, and said she wanted "frilly" if it's a girl, I'm thinking a cable and (subtle) lace pattern- with optional "frilly" edging if it's a girl.
ok- on a side note- I love my sister. But I shudder every time I think "frilly" (shudders)

Anyway- I still love my job, and the people I work with, there's lots of knitting happening (see projects below) and I've been out and about doing some fun things lately.

I went to a belly dancing competition a little over a week ago... it was sooo much fun; 10 women dancing for a 1 month contract and $500, and about 4 of them were really good- but one was clearly a stripper thinking she could make a little extra cash. Riiight. Anyway, the one who won the competition was good, but the woman I was really rooting for didn't even make it to the final round- but she rocked! oh well.

Otherwise, Chris was in town last weekend, and his family bought a puppy... one of their dogs passed away a few months ago, and their current dog is a little lonely. The puppy is a husky, with beautiful blue and white eyes. Apparently this breed molts, rather than sheds, so I'm not too allergic, just some bumps on the skin. But her coat makes me wish I weren't allergic- because I'd totally spin it otherwise. (let's keep that between you an d me and not freak out the boyfriend parents, hmm?)

Anyway- I'll be heading out to New Mexico next week... Albuquerque to be exact- anyone out in that neck of the woods that wants a coffee break?


This is the beautiful, soft, lovely yarn I won... isn't it a great color? Purple-grape. and so silky. I love it so much, that I might just knit something out of it and then rip it so I can knit again. (thank god I'm broke, otherwise I actually might go to LYS's and buy, buy, buy!)


Meet Candy. She's folded in half because she's shy... and the 1 1/2 sleeves that are also completed are so shy that they declined to be photographed.... this is my train project, this puppy works up fast and I feel like I'm actually being productive on the train. I started this project 2? weeks ago because another intern I work with is working on hers. I admit it. I had project envy ;)


Ugh- only a foot tall and already I'm bored. and pissed that it takes an hour to go 6 rows. grr.


Ok- so this picture is already a half week old- over last weekend, I finished the few rows that were needed, sewed in ends, blocked the darn thing and am half way through a sleeve. I might not make this one a jacket, instead I'm thinking about making it a v neck sweater, with the center cable splitting and making the V- just a thought



Sorry all- I've been gone quite a few days... but the home connection isn't doing so well. Right now I'm sitting in the library, loving the wireless connection they've got. I love my local library!
anyway- the job still rocks, there's been lots of knitting and other fun stuff.
Since the last time I blogged, I've gone to a Chicago belly dancing competition- "the Golden Navel" heh- 10 women competed for a 1 month contract and $500, 4 of the women were really good... and the person who won was not the one I was rooting for- oh well.

Thursday, June 09, 2005


Great things

first of all- I got Deb's beautiful purple yarn in the mail today- pictures will be on the way, but it is silky and grape colored. Gorgeous stuff- Thanks so much Deb!

Also, on the train this guy passed me on his way out, he looks over and says "you do that good" - I was knitting, and a little surprised, since everyone else ignores me completely.

Anyway- I've suspended work on the red duffle coat, instead I've been working on the new baby blanket (it's not for any particular child). But yesterday I got bored with that. So I'm starting a Knitty project. It's "Candy" in navy blue and turquoise. Beautiful.

Finally- my BF is going to be home next weekend for a visit- I miss him tons, and can't wait to see him!

Monday, June 06, 2005

Also... Today is my birthday :)


It's really done!

I finished my law review competition note- it's a piece of crap, but all those damn citations are right (at least I hope so) I get to hear how I did around July 18th? I can't remember. All I know is I'll probably get the decision about the journals faster than my grades. Can you believe it! It's been over a month (I think- time has slowed considerably for me.) and grades haven't been posted. Although I hear the registrar has them, but won't give them out over the phone... road trip anyone? just kidding- I don't care that much- riiight.
I almost didn't bother to try out for the journals- but I'm glad I did, even if that means I lose any semblance of a social life next year. At least I tried, and if I don't get it- it's not cause I'm lazy, it's just cause I'm brain dead ;)

O Happy Days, I have time to knit again!
(in other related knitting news... a girl I work with volunteered during lunch that she knits- I was keeping it on the down low for my images sake- it is a cutthroat law office [no, it's not] an my supervisor expressed how much she wants to learn! this could be very, very good, or very bad.)

Thursday, June 02, 2005


My computer connection ate my post

Yes, it's true, yesterday I wrote a looooong post and when I went to post it.... my connection had wavered, and I no longer could post. Curses! So there's a post wandering in the ether of the web.

To make a short story- I love my job. The work is interesting, the other interns are friendly, and the lawyers are fun. I hit the summer internship jackpot!

In other news- I won a competition! It's over at
- if you want to read my entry, you'll have to click on May 30th's comments... I think it's kinda funny- but you know my sense of humor... it's a little skewed sometimes. And although the Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran gets great reviews, I look awful in beige. So I picked the purple wool/silk/microfiber sportweight yarn. I was tempted by the Reynolds Lopi- but my mom would KILL me if I ruined her brand new washer. :) so felting this summer is either out- or I'll have to pull out the quarters and head for a laundrymat.

Have a great weekend everyone- I'll be working on the competition Journal note. :)
and I might go to a Belly dancing competition on Tuesday (how much fun does that sound?)

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