Wednesday, June 22, 2005


No, I was not on vacation or in the hospital...

... my home internet connection has been really horrific, so I finally admitted defeat and dropped by the library to take advantage of it's wonderful wireless connection. I love my local library!

First the good news- One of my (many) older sisters is pregnant! It's her first... she's due right before Christmas... and I'll be making her a blanket. I was kinda dumb and showed her the blankets in my grab bag of baby stuff- basically little in between projects that will be distributed between sisters (I've got 4) and friends during the next decade. But anyway- I showed her the stash... which means I have to make her a brand new one. So although I hate the idea of a white baby blanket, I can't make a yellow one, because the niece's blanket is yellow. No repeating for at least 5 years. (that's my self imposed rule that I will break when I feel like it). But the sis has given me free rein on what exactly I should knit... but since she admired a cabled bunting outfit, and said she wanted "frilly" if it's a girl, I'm thinking a cable and (subtle) lace pattern- with optional "frilly" edging if it's a girl.
ok- on a side note- I love my sister. But I shudder every time I think "frilly" (shudders)

Anyway- I still love my job, and the people I work with, there's lots of knitting happening (see projects below) and I've been out and about doing some fun things lately.

I went to a belly dancing competition a little over a week ago... it was sooo much fun; 10 women dancing for a 1 month contract and $500, and about 4 of them were really good- but one was clearly a stripper thinking she could make a little extra cash. Riiight. Anyway, the one who won the competition was good, but the woman I was really rooting for didn't even make it to the final round- but she rocked! oh well.

Otherwise, Chris was in town last weekend, and his family bought a puppy... one of their dogs passed away a few months ago, and their current dog is a little lonely. The puppy is a husky, with beautiful blue and white eyes. Apparently this breed molts, rather than sheds, so I'm not too allergic, just some bumps on the skin. But her coat makes me wish I weren't allergic- because I'd totally spin it otherwise. (let's keep that between you an d me and not freak out the boyfriend parents, hmm?)

Anyway- I'll be heading out to New Mexico next week... Albuquerque to be exact- anyone out in that neck of the woods that wants a coffee break?

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