Friday, June 16, 2006


This woman is my hero

I want a knit ferrari!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I've been a bad blogger

But a worse knitter. I swear, I have not knit at all since I got home- but in fairness, I finally got all my work for the semester wrapped up. It took long enough!

anyway- FI is doing an incredible amount of work for planning- We both have "planning" personalities, and our tastes are similar enough that everything isn't going to be a compromise (whew!) His sister asked him "isn't the bride supposed to do most of that?" lol- I guess I'm busier, so he's jumped into the process with me. So I'm pretty grateful.

I've also joined the Evanston Athletic Club- a great gym with tons of classes, and a really cheap student rate. I (heart) EAC!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Oh my god- how did they know?

You're Brazil!

You're athletic, charming, and probably a good dancer.
 Unfortunately, you don't really mind chopping down the rain forest, and you probably
consider homeless people expendable in certain circumstances.  Of course, your
personality is so diverse that it's hard to track down exactly what you're like.  You
definitely like Pele, the World Cup, and shouting "gooooal" at the
top of your lungs.

Take the Country Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid

Monday, June 05, 2006



The BF and I are engaged! I guess now I should call him the FI?


I actually was the one who set up the weekend engagement, it was meant to be a sort-of surprise. We went ring shopping last week, and he thought it would be fun to be proposed to, and I agreed. (I hate surprises, he loves them)
So I told him it might take me the summer to plan (hee hee)
and I told him we were going to go downtown for my birthday, to a german Mayfest (beer, brats and pretzels-mmmm) and we did go, but then after heading back to the hotel we went to Belmont Harbor and went out on a 30 foot sailboat with 3 other passengers and a captain. The sailboat then went out to Navy Pier, and the captain sailed the boat around a bit, and that's when we went up to the front of the boat (the water was much calmer then) and asked each other and broke open the champane Chris bought (very nice stuff). Then we watched the Saturday night fireworks from what seemed to be only 200 yards away from the barge the fireworks were being shot off from. Very cool. The night wasn't a total surprise though, he sort of guessed at what was going on that Thursday, and as the weekend went on, he guessed more and more. But it was lovely and romantic and fun. YAY!

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