Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Oh my god- how did they know?

You're Brazil!

You're athletic, charming, and probably a good dancer.
 Unfortunately, you don't really mind chopping down the rain forest, and you probably
consider homeless people expendable in certain circumstances.  Of course, your
personality is so diverse that it's hard to track down exactly what you're like.  You
definitely like Pele, the World Cup, and shouting "gooooal" at the
top of your lungs.

Take the Country Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid

i'm brazilian and i'd like to leave my opinion.
i unfortunately agree with the world-cup-stupidity thing, but i don't think you should say things like that about the rain forest or the homeless people, these matters are a little more complex than you, in a country like yours(without these kind of problems), could imagine.
just letting you know.. maybe if you want to discuss about that:
Hi Fabiano,
I'm sure you didn't realize that my mother is Brasilian- and I adore the country and its people. I follow Brasilian politics, so I realize the difficult issues facing Brasilians. Maybe you didn't notice that what is up on my blog is the results of a quiz called "What country are you?" It is located at
All I did was put the image, which included the comments, onto my blog, because I was surprised that the quiz pegged me as a Brasilian, a country I feel so connected to sometimes. Your english seems really good, but I hope you can learn how to recognize satire.

A few notes on your comments though- the US does have significant homeless problems- compounded by the fact that many of them are war veterens or women and children. And we have people in our government who share the same disrespect for the enviorment we live in- the Republicans are constantly considering drilling for oil in protected Alaskan forests (which would destroy the areas). Maybe these problems are not as extreme as in Brasil, but they still exist.

And by the way- I think the World Cup is an amazing display of talent and athleticism, and I am looking forward to watching Brasil beat Croatia today!

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