Thursday, April 12, 2007


hmm... it sure is quiet around here!

I've been busy! (who hasn't!)
We had a fundraising auction for my law school group... some volunteers fell through the week before the auction, requiring me to run around like a maniac, getting profs to donate (amazing things) I am overwhelmed at how generous the profs and staff were.
Then the show came (preceded by 3 days of baking) and we did amazing... with the same style of fundraiser, we surpassed the previous year's take- and our expectations.
After the show, I had to catch up with everything I had been ignoring for the past month in order to make the auction go smoothly. Class reading, research, working on papers, looking for a job. And of course, being sick. At least I was healthy when I was busy!

I'm looking forward to knitting with the guild this weekend :) yay!
I'm about 6 weeks to graduation... I should probably start working on my wedding shawl again!

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