Thursday, April 12, 2007


hmm... it sure is quiet around here!

I've been busy! (who hasn't!)
We had a fundraising auction for my law school group... some volunteers fell through the week before the auction, requiring me to run around like a maniac, getting profs to donate (amazing things) I am overwhelmed at how generous the profs and staff were.
Then the show came (preceded by 3 days of baking) and we did amazing... with the same style of fundraiser, we surpassed the previous year's take- and our expectations.
After the show, I had to catch up with everything I had been ignoring for the past month in order to make the auction go smoothly. Class reading, research, working on papers, looking for a job. And of course, being sick. At least I was healthy when I was busy!

I'm looking forward to knitting with the guild this weekend :) yay!
I'm about 6 weeks to graduation... I should probably start working on my wedding shawl again!

Can't wait to see the shawl in action! Get knitting now, or you'll wind up like the yarn harlot at her wedding.
I can't believe you're graduating already- congrats!

I'm so jealous- I'm only halfway through now... :)
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