Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tuesday night at Lula's Cafe- 6pm! see you there :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


things that make you go...

hmmmm. (alternatively titled "the boring knit sucks me in")

The Yarn Harlot posted today about her Olympic knitting. But what was really interesting to me was a particular phrase she used... "invisible progress."

Duh! That's why the boring shrug was so frustrating and well... boring!
Obviously, if I can knit a baby blanket pattern with a little bit of lace (which was almost double the area) without wanting to destroy the project once, then I maybe I can modify the shrug pattern a bit... just enough to knit it once more. hmm.

I've been sucked in! But first, I have other projects to work on.

1. starting a pair of lace socks
2. own pattern for work top
3. crochet squares for tank


the baby blanket is finished! (I was really sick yesterday, so I spent hours knitting, and well... these two projects were close to finished anyways)


close up of the stitch pattern. It still doesn't look like it does in daylight though.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


And here's the boring knit... all finished! It's very cute, but much smaller than I am, so an action shot wouldn't look right. We'll see if the sister will be okay with sending me a picture to put online. :) aww, it's so pretty I kinda want to make another one for myself. MUST LOOK AWAY!


I finished another skein in the baby blanket... I think it's about 30 inches- maybe another 2-3 diamonds and it'll be a square.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Circular shrug links

Here's the link to the Craftster shrug pattern... it's based on an Urban Outfitters shrug (not Anthropologie like I thought... and you'll have to read the directions from the handwritten notes and then also the following posts by the designer.

here's a clear version by the designer- http://momcast.blogspot.com/2006/01/craftster-circular-shrug.html

here's the 48 page discussion in case you want to read others' experiences http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=45597.30

basically- measure across your shoulders. Add 4-5 inches to that number. Figure out gauge in a mock rib pattern. That is the number of stitches for the main body of the shrug. Double that number for cast on.

Cast on, rib for 5 inches.(**to make the ribbing meet in front, especially if you have a large chest, you'll want to add a few inches to the top and bottom of the pattern) Decrease by half, continue in mock rib for 20 inches, increase to original cast on #, rib for 5 inches, cast off. Sew the ribbing on the top right to bottom right, top left to bottom left, and sew into the mock rib patter 2-3 inches. Check out the link to understand how it's sewn together, since it has pictures.

Here's a link to a variation with lace and sleeves... and an Indiana knitter!

ANOTHER circular shrug pattern can be found at http://www.gleek.net/patterns.php
It is a retooled version of the yesterknits.org pattern. Very chic.... and an easy knit, since it is a T- shaped piece of knitting, and the shaping happens when it gets sewn together

I went home on Friday for an interview... now I have a summer job- YAY! I'll be defending juvenile offenders, and working with an organization to set up a youth court in a middle school. I'm really excited.

In actual knitting news...
The knitting on the sister's shrug is FINISHED! WHOOOHOOO! The bad news? My mother LOVES it and wants one for herself. When I told her how boring of a knit it is, she first said that she could wait a year. ha. Then she said maybe it's a good excuse for her to relearn to knit. YES! We have a conversion!

(after I seam it up I'll get pictures out)
On the trip back to the Bend, I also managed to get a few rows on the lavendar baby blanket. I'd say it's almost halfway finished... so I'm on schedule to start ignoring it.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


sexist reality tv shows exist elsewhere besides USA... SHOCKING!

I have a secret.... I hate certain reality shows- with a vengenance. Except for maybe the Biggest Loser. And Project Runway. Gillian and Tim are such bitches... I love them


A British reality show... Ladettes to Ladies... ran this past summer. The girls were judged on all they have learnt at the Finishing School - cookery, flower arranging, dressmaking, deportment and elocution – in front of an audience of families, friends and some eligible bachelors. The first prize is a sports car worth over £20,000.

They even had to make corsets... and then wear them at a cocktail party with theligiblele bachelors.

at least they didn't give the women massive amounts of plastic surgery, or run a pathetic dating show for gold diggers.


Found: New Knitting time!

So I'm down to 2 1/2 inches.... I'm almost done (and then I get to seam)
But you may ask- "Kristine, where did you get the time? You are a busy law student aren't you"

"Why yes," I'd answer... but the secret is my Valentine's Day present.
You see, the bf got me a Sony Psyc mp3 player for Vday.... it was a great surprise, since I totally didn't expect it AT ALL! It's super light and fits in the palm of my hand- perfect for running (which is why I was going to get one for myself)

I guess that doesn't explain the additional knitting time, does it? The found time was from my computer first needing 2 years worth of Microsoft updates... heh, my bad. Thanks babe. He sat watching my computer for somewhere around 4 hours. heh.
The second source of found time (and the continuing source) was from copying cd's onto my laptop and then transfering those cd's over to the mp3 player... it takes a little while(about 5-7 minutes per cd), but I'm ok with that, since I've got 2 1/2 inches of shrug left!

Knit lunch today at the law school- email me if you're in the area and must meet the lawknitters.

Monday, February 13, 2006


Worst idea ever....

for all you knitting junkies; I'm down to less than 5 inches... whohoo!
if you're not interested in non-knitting content, look away.

for all you law blog interested people, especially you law students, let us learn a lesson from Julie Auer. Miss Auer wrote a sarcastic and (funny) letter to the sheriff's office. Not a big deal right? Wrong. She works for the public defender. oops. Miss Auer- many of your clients spend time in that jail... do not, I repeat, do not antagonize the people who hold the key. seriously.

you should really read Julie's letter

and then the sheriff's response.

oh. Burn.

Update- apparently Miss Auer has been a public defender since 1990.... and perhaps more interestingly, she belongs to the Knoxville Writer's Guild, and she writes about the darker side of crime and punishment.... follow the link to her profile http://www.knoxvillewritersguild.org/auer.htm

Sunday, February 12, 2006


still knitting... honest

I'm just knitting along, row by row... some more on the lavender blanket, and more on the black shrug.

it's like a freaking marathon... or a battery... it just keeps going and going and going.


8 inches left on the black shrug. That's what I'm focusing on first.
8 more inches. it just feels like eternity

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


1/3 of the lavender baby blanket

I had a pretty long weekend- I finished my note in a weekend of writing, although I still have to Bluebook my citations... Kym, you know what I mean ;)

anyway- I knit a little bit over the weekend- several times in 5 minute spurts. Also, a Thursday lunch knitting group has started up again- hooray! An excuse to bring my knitting to school :D I'll post pictures of the 2 projects I'm working on, my oldest sister's shrug (just over 1/2 way done) and another baby blanket for my next older sister's baby. I know that's confusing, I have lots of sisters... so here's the break down
#1- V-oldest sister... shrug
#2- Ka.- got the last baby blanket for her baby born in December
#3- R- baby blanket in progress (lavender- although she doesn't know the sex, so there's a blue one in stock)
#4- ME!
#5- L- blue purse (Christmas present) still needs to be fully assembled- I need spandex and a sewing machine to make the lining.

(V and R also were each gifted a baby blanket before the blog was in effect. Their babies were also the recipients of the blue, fleece lined duffle coat and the red sweater.

back to work- and I'll probably post pictures of the active knitting later.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Apparently, the link I posted a few days ago is only one installment of this artist's work. Some of Patricia Waller's crochet/knit art is less disturbing (my favorite is the crocheted deer's head)

check it out here

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