Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I had a pretty long weekend- I finished my note in a weekend of writing, although I still have to Bluebook my citations... Kym, you know what I mean ;)

anyway- I knit a little bit over the weekend- several times in 5 minute spurts. Also, a Thursday lunch knitting group has started up again- hooray! An excuse to bring my knitting to school :D I'll post pictures of the 2 projects I'm working on, my oldest sister's shrug (just over 1/2 way done) and another baby blanket for my next older sister's baby. I know that's confusing, I have lots of sisters... so here's the break down
#1- V-oldest sister... shrug
#2- Ka.- got the last baby blanket for her baby born in December
#3- R- baby blanket in progress (lavender- although she doesn't know the sex, so there's a blue one in stock)
#4- ME!
#5- L- blue purse (Christmas present) still needs to be fully assembled- I need spandex and a sewing machine to make the lining.

(V and R also were each gifted a baby blanket before the blog was in effect. Their babies were also the recipients of the blue, fleece lined duffle coat and the red sweater.

back to work- and I'll probably post pictures of the active knitting later.

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