Tuesday, November 22, 2005



follow thislink for a pretty good laugh.

Ann Taylor (the store) has taken pictures of a cable scarf... BACKWARDS. Zoom in and all you can see are the crossovers on the back.
Highly amusing.

In other news... one of my sisters is pregnant- due in May. I bought lavendar Simply Soft to make a baby blanket, but since I have a few months, I'm not too stressed.

Monday, November 21, 2005


the weekend is over!

2 more days of classes, then home for Thanksgiving!
I'd cheer, but I have to work on a paper over the holiday.

On the knitting front, I stopped by the Guild meeting right before it started, saw some lovely projects (made me wish I could just sit down and not go to afternoon trials)

Christmas presents are going well
- the twins hats are done
- Liana's clutch is in final assembly mode (and might be for a little while)
- M's present is 1/4 done.
- baby jacket is a few rows in

- purple and grey felted purse (for mom) I sketched out my idea...
- V's shrug (false started 3 times)
- ordanments
- mini sweaters
- mini stockings
- crochet candy canes (faster than mini-sweaters and stockings)
- crochet snowflakes?

oh yeah- and
1 trial ad binder to hand in
1 Cyberlaw paper
1 take home exam in Federal Criminal Practice (8 hour exam!)
1 closed book, multiple choice Evidence exam

Saturday, November 19, 2005


My beautiful college friend M- modeling a had I made for someone having some medical problems. Project Specs; 1+ balls Heirloom Cashmino in color 032. (I think) Pattern is Winter Femme by d-made (google it until I've got a chance to link her) final thoughts- I lengthened the hat by a cable repeat (8 rows) in the future, I might lengthen by 2 repeats (16 rows) to make the hat cover more ear. It's cold in South Bend


Tiger Hat! For Twin #2- the sad thing is that it fits me.... and it's not soft. So I think I'm going to make a fleece lining for it. :) so it's not quite finished I guess

Thursday, November 17, 2005


This is what happens when a friend of mine tells me the snow is going to stick... and I say "nah, it'll be gone by tommorow" Boy, was I wrong!

Monday, November 14, 2005


1 year!

Happy Blog Birthday to me!

Sunday, November 13, 2005


one of the purses is about about 3/4 finished. It's Paton's Classic Merino, dyed in multiple blues, and using the modified Saxon Braid from Samus- in the fall 05 Knitty. (the 2 side cables are a braid)

Thursday, November 10, 2005


not much knitting going on here

It's been a slow week for knitting, because it's been a crazy week for law school... I have a draft of my Cyberlaw paper due today at 5p, an admin (for the journal) due at the same time, another draft due Monday, a trial that starts Wednesday and an expert witness trial that Saturday. Oh vey.

However- I am almost done with the second cute kids hat. I'm on row 21, and there are 11 rows plus ears left. But then there's the finishing. ugh. this hat has got a lot of finishing, this one more so, because instead of carrying the black across the inside of the hat, I used three strands of black, so each "tiger stripe" has 2 ends to sew in.
I had to use acrylic for the orange, and it's just not the same... if it turns out a bit icky feeling after I wash it, then I might just make a third hat, maybe a black bear hat instead of brown. But that's a little cheesy.

I also cast on for my sister's Christmas present. And knit all of 2 rows on it.
Last, but not least- one of my cousins is having a baby... so I'm making a little jacket, bonnet and socks- because blankets take wayyyyy to long, and I've got finals. I can limit the blanket making to my close family and really close friends, right? I feel a little bad, but there's just not enough time right now.

Monday, November 07, 2005


misquoted again!

So the South Bend Tribune had an article on knitting-

and I was quoted as saying, "If I have a couple of hours to knit, I take it," she said. "It's real relaxing. ... And it's anti-tradition. You get to make something different."

Not quite what I said.
1. Actually, I knit as a break from reading, or when other people are watching tv or movies. No comment on the knitting for hours.
2. I like grammer. It's really relaxing.
3. I don't consider knitting anti-traditional. I consider knitting a connection to history and our past, and I like taking a traditional activity to make something unique and beautiful.

all the same- the author of the article spelled my name right... so I guess I can forgive and look for a SB Tribune to mail to my mom.


Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Christmas present #1- bear hat for one of the twins

This was posted to my site today.

"Get your bitch ass in the kitchen and make me some glittens, woman.
# posted by Anonymous : 12:16 PM "

I know the person who posted this is in South Bend, and so I assume that they know me personally. In case you are one of my friends, I want you to know that I find this highly offensive and not amusing in the slightest, but I can understand how some might consider this funny. I just don't.

Please restrain yourself from additional posts like this. I will delete them.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Meet Martha's ego

You have to read this article

My favorite line is at the bottom, "I have learned that I really cannot be destroyed."
Oh Martha.... you haven't learned anything then.


Christmas countdown

ok... if you happen to be related to me, stop reading. Now. I mean it. Liana- I mean you too.

presents on the needles
-bear hat for 2 year old of my summer boss (not related to me, but she doesn't read this)

Liana- quit reading. Last chance.

waiting in the wings
- tiger hat for the boss's other 2 year old (twins)
- shrug for V
- felted? or not felted clutch with the turquoise and blue dyed Patons merino (with black for contrast)- probably a wave pattern... may include lining and a zipper.
- purple and gray buttonhole bag from newly spun colonial wool and 1/2 skein leftover from Burly Spun Lamb's Pride.
- ornaments - mini socks and sweaters... mini- socks for M,P,L and mini-sweaters for V,K,R (they didn't get them last year)

reality check.
I'll probably get the hats and the shrug done before Christmas break. The purses and ornaments will probably have to wait until school is over.

And what about my projects?
on the needles
- cable/lace shell - probably 25 % finished
on the wheel
- BFL being spun up for a new scarf. (150 yards down, 300 to go)
I'm sure there are more that I just can't think of.

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