Thursday, November 17, 2005


This is what happens when a friend of mine tells me the snow is going to stick... and I say "nah, it'll be gone by tommorow" Boy, was I wrong!

oh my! snow! it's been really pretty cold here, about 30s/40s during the day, but it's SUNNY and beautiful! Loveit!

happy blogiversary...i'm loving those cables! It makes me want to get back to my poor neglected cabled cardi :(
I said the same thing: "first snow never sticks." Ha!
wow, i can't believe you guys got snow. the east coast was 74 degrees yesterday afternoon (but then fell to 33 degrees by early this morning). crazy weather :)

happy blog birthday!
Whoah, snow. Did you make snow ice cream?

yeah, whoa- snow! Unfortunately, I wouldn't eat the snow here- it's too close to metro Chicago and Gary- polluted snow probably isn't that great!

thanks for the blogiversay wishes!
That's nothing! We got about 3 feet here in Buffalo...can't go anywhere (car is snowed in) but it's good knitting weather.
Ooo! Please tell me that's South Bend, because we're leaving today to drive up there and as a Florida girl I do so love me some snow.
"Well, how about *that*, [Ms.] Doubting Mustafa?"

But seriously, I wish you'd been right.
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