Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Christmas countdown

ok... if you happen to be related to me, stop reading. Now. I mean it. Liana- I mean you too.

presents on the needles
-bear hat for 2 year old of my summer boss (not related to me, but she doesn't read this)

Liana- quit reading. Last chance.

waiting in the wings
- tiger hat for the boss's other 2 year old (twins)
- shrug for V
- felted? or not felted clutch with the turquoise and blue dyed Patons merino (with black for contrast)- probably a wave pattern... may include lining and a zipper.
- purple and gray buttonhole bag from newly spun colonial wool and 1/2 skein leftover from Burly Spun Lamb's Pride.
- ornaments - mini socks and sweaters... mini- socks for M,P,L and mini-sweaters for V,K,R (they didn't get them last year)

reality check.
I'll probably get the hats and the shrug done before Christmas break. The purses and ornaments will probably have to wait until school is over.

And what about my projects?
on the needles
- cable/lace shell - probably 25 % finished
on the wheel
- BFL being spun up for a new scarf. (150 yards down, 300 to go)
I'm sure there are more that I just can't think of.

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