Thursday, November 10, 2005


not much knitting going on here

It's been a slow week for knitting, because it's been a crazy week for law school... I have a draft of my Cyberlaw paper due today at 5p, an admin (for the journal) due at the same time, another draft due Monday, a trial that starts Wednesday and an expert witness trial that Saturday. Oh vey.

However- I am almost done with the second cute kids hat. I'm on row 21, and there are 11 rows plus ears left. But then there's the finishing. ugh. this hat has got a lot of finishing, this one more so, because instead of carrying the black across the inside of the hat, I used three strands of black, so each "tiger stripe" has 2 ends to sew in.
I had to use acrylic for the orange, and it's just not the same... if it turns out a bit icky feeling after I wash it, then I might just make a third hat, maybe a black bear hat instead of brown. But that's a little cheesy.

I also cast on for my sister's Christmas present. And knit all of 2 rows on it.
Last, but not least- one of my cousins is having a baby... so I'm making a little jacket, bonnet and socks- because blankets take wayyyyy to long, and I've got finals. I can limit the blanket making to my close family and really close friends, right? I feel a little bad, but there's just not enough time right now.

Kristine - you are also welcome to the chart once I get it into my computer! My little sis is a 3rd year law student. Wonder if you know her!
You are completely justified in making the jacket, hat, and booties and saving blankets for close family members-heck I think a jacket hat and booties is too much!
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