Monday, November 07, 2005


misquoted again!

So the South Bend Tribune had an article on knitting-

and I was quoted as saying, "If I have a couple of hours to knit, I take it," she said. "It's real relaxing. ... And it's anti-tradition. You get to make something different."

Not quite what I said.
1. Actually, I knit as a break from reading, or when other people are watching tv or movies. No comment on the knitting for hours.
2. I like grammer. It's really relaxing.
3. I don't consider knitting anti-traditional. I consider knitting a connection to history and our past, and I like taking a traditional activity to make something unique and beautiful.

all the same- the author of the article spelled my name right... so I guess I can forgive and look for a SB Tribune to mail to my mom.


I think I still have my copy of the article. I'll give it you when I see you next.
Thanks for the comments on my blog. Yes, my Christmas list is slowly being divided into the musts and the maybes.

I see that you are in law school... I started knitting to keep myself sane when I started law school.

Good luck on those hearsay exceptions...
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