Monday, November 21, 2005


the weekend is over!

2 more days of classes, then home for Thanksgiving!
I'd cheer, but I have to work on a paper over the holiday.

On the knitting front, I stopped by the Guild meeting right before it started, saw some lovely projects (made me wish I could just sit down and not go to afternoon trials)

Christmas presents are going well
- the twins hats are done
- Liana's clutch is in final assembly mode (and might be for a little while)
- M's present is 1/4 done.
- baby jacket is a few rows in

- purple and grey felted purse (for mom) I sketched out my idea...
- V's shrug (false started 3 times)
- ordanments
- mini sweaters
- mini stockings
- crochet candy canes (faster than mini-sweaters and stockings)
- crochet snowflakes?

oh yeah- and
1 trial ad binder to hand in
1 Cyberlaw paper
1 take home exam in Federal Criminal Practice (8 hour exam!)
1 closed book, multiple choice Evidence exam

Boo hoo! Such exhausting work law school is. Here's an idea for you...spin me some mittens. My hands are frickin freeeeeezing in the morning. Spin them now....size 10.
i feel your pain!!! ill be holed up in the studio the WHOLE break (morning to early the next morning (it's become a routine, start school/ work at 8am, then stay working until at least 2am!)

hope you enjoy your time at home! :)
Missed you at the guild meeting!!! Hope you're having a great Thanksgiving break.
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