Tuesday, February 07, 2006


1/3 of the lavender baby blanket

oooh, i LOVE that- what pattern is it?

That must be a nice change from Blue booking- we actually use ALWD at school, which is annoying, because for any law review stuff or mock trial stuff, we still have to use Blue book. NO SENSE!!

How is school going for you? I'm becoming overwhelmed!! I have so much to do, plus I have to really start doing some wedding stuff- there's only 6 months to go :O

Hang in there - we only have a couple more months of the semester :)
Oh the blanket is soo pretty! I love lavender, it is so soothing!
Somehow, I've never had the patience to knit any kind of blanket. I'm truly impressed with your ability to do so.
I wish I could come to Knitlunch. I would totally be there, but I've got classes all day T/R. 12:15 is right during Nuclear :o If you ever want to randomly go knit sometime, send me an email. sschlobo
Beautiful baby blanket, and really pretty color! My daughter loves anything purple! So does my niece! Keep up the good work! Glad to see your back to knitting.... :)
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