Sunday, February 19, 2006


Circular shrug links

Here's the link to the Craftster shrug pattern... it's based on an Urban Outfitters shrug (not Anthropologie like I thought... and you'll have to read the directions from the handwritten notes and then also the following posts by the designer.

here's a clear version by the designer-

here's the 48 page discussion in case you want to read others' experiences

basically- measure across your shoulders. Add 4-5 inches to that number. Figure out gauge in a mock rib pattern. That is the number of stitches for the main body of the shrug. Double that number for cast on.

Cast on, rib for 5 inches.(**to make the ribbing meet in front, especially if you have a large chest, you'll want to add a few inches to the top and bottom of the pattern) Decrease by half, continue in mock rib for 20 inches, increase to original cast on #, rib for 5 inches, cast off. Sew the ribbing on the top right to bottom right, top left to bottom left, and sew into the mock rib patter 2-3 inches. Check out the link to understand how it's sewn together, since it has pictures.

Here's a link to a variation with lace and sleeves... and an Indiana knitter!

ANOTHER circular shrug pattern can be found at
It is a retooled version of the pattern. Very chic.... and an easy knit, since it is a T- shaped piece of knitting, and the shaping happens when it gets sewn together

I want a picture, btw.
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