Monday, February 13, 2006


Worst idea ever....

for all you knitting junkies; I'm down to less than 5 inches... whohoo!
if you're not interested in non-knitting content, look away.

for all you law blog interested people, especially you law students, let us learn a lesson from Julie Auer. Miss Auer wrote a sarcastic and (funny) letter to the sheriff's office. Not a big deal right? Wrong. She works for the public defender. oops. Miss Auer- many of your clients spend time in that jail... do not, I repeat, do not antagonize the people who hold the key. seriously.

you should really read Julie's letter

and then the sheriff's response.

oh. Burn.

Update- apparently Miss Auer has been a public defender since 1990.... and perhaps more interestingly, she belongs to the Knoxville Writer's Guild, and she writes about the darker side of crime and punishment.... follow the link to her profile

are you kidding me?? although her letter was pretty unprofessional, it was funny and obviously a joke. the sheriff needs to lighten up a little bit...
Haha. Awesome.
5" you must have been really working! Go Kristine!
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