Thursday, June 02, 2005


My computer connection ate my post

Yes, it's true, yesterday I wrote a looooong post and when I went to post it.... my connection had wavered, and I no longer could post. Curses! So there's a post wandering in the ether of the web.

To make a short story- I love my job. The work is interesting, the other interns are friendly, and the lawyers are fun. I hit the summer internship jackpot!

In other news- I won a competition! It's over at
- if you want to read my entry, you'll have to click on May 30th's comments... I think it's kinda funny- but you know my sense of humor... it's a little skewed sometimes. And although the Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran gets great reviews, I look awful in beige. So I picked the purple wool/silk/microfiber sportweight yarn. I was tempted by the Reynolds Lopi- but my mom would KILL me if I ruined her brand new washer. :) so felting this summer is either out- or I'll have to pull out the quarters and head for a laundrymat.

Have a great weekend everyone- I'll be working on the competition Journal note. :)
and I might go to a Belly dancing competition on Tuesday (how much fun does that sound?)

Well, at least there's that one skein of darker yarn that you could use at the neckline! I hope you enjoy it!
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