Monday, June 06, 2005


It's really done!

I finished my law review competition note- it's a piece of crap, but all those damn citations are right (at least I hope so) I get to hear how I did around July 18th? I can't remember. All I know is I'll probably get the decision about the journals faster than my grades. Can you believe it! It's been over a month (I think- time has slowed considerably for me.) and grades haven't been posted. Although I hear the registrar has them, but won't give them out over the phone... road trip anyone? just kidding- I don't care that much- riiight.
I almost didn't bother to try out for the journals- but I'm glad I did, even if that means I lose any semblance of a social life next year. At least I tried, and if I don't get it- it's not cause I'm lazy, it's just cause I'm brain dead ;)

O Happy Days, I have time to knit again!
(in other related knitting news... a girl I work with volunteered during lunch that she knits- I was keeping it on the down low for my images sake- it is a cutthroat law office [no, it's not] an my supervisor expressed how much she wants to learn! this could be very, very good, or very bad.)

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