Monday, February 05, 2007


Next 3 weird things about me... knitting related!

4. I have a strange urge to start new lace knitting projects ALL THE TIME. Even though I already have 2 lace projects on the needles (the wedding shawl and a forgotten pair of socks) and who knows how many OTHER projects!

5. I loves to spin medium-bulky singles and sometimes double ply in many different colors and shades. Strange part? I really prefer light-medium double (or more) ply in one color. I just it's just more fun to play with color in spinning? or I'm just weird.

6. I am both a yarn snob and an acrylic junkie at the same time... hmm, that's probably due to the fact I'm a student.

Tag... you're it! (I know you just got tagged with the random q's... but this one is fun too!) (yes, occasionally jazz hands, and even kicklines are included!)

hehe, i have an embarrassing amount of acrylic for being a semi yarn snob! :D
Hmmmm....what's so weird about number 4? LOL!
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