Wednesday, March 23, 2005


It's a Mini- Finished Project!

Easter chicky #1 - I made the beak a little to big... oops!
This was a great project to learn short rows on... it's only used for the tail, and the project moved really quickly.

#2 is on the needles... there are going to be some modifications made to the pattern... da da dahhh!
I think may make as many as 4 easter chicks- I guess the zipper isn't going to get put on the jacket anytime soon.

On a sadder note, I thought I might be able to crochet the tank... but the thread is so weak, it breaks when I pull it- so crochet is definetly out.

On a happier note, it looks like the Pingouin Mousse I set aside for Candy is going to work very well... I may have enough navy blue and turquoise to make a second one! maybe. ;) let's see how the first one goes.

The chickies are cute!!
Navy blue and turquiose sounds gorgeous!
Oh my gosh! Can you make me one of those too, to go with my glittens? I love it.

Maybe you should just teach me to knit.
lol- yeah, I should just teach you to knit. Knitlunch Tuesdays from 12:15- 1:30p at Reckers
Well done! Did you knit that beak? I love seeing all the cool modifications people are doing with this project.

And hello - I did an actual double-take when I saw your name and location! I take it from the mention of Reckers that you're doing law school at ND? We're probably doppelgangers or something. It's like "Sliding Doors" and you're me after a slight change of majors sophomore year...
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