Friday, March 11, 2005


Martha, Martha, Martha!

I've been surfing this morning, and numerous blogs have mentioned Martha's prison poncho as the height of fashion- Lion Brand is even creating a pattern for the thing. Personally, I dislike ponchos. I don't think anyone but the super skinnies look great in them, and I have this rule about buying or making things that don't make me look fabulous. So maybe the extreme dislike I have for Martha's poncho is rooted in poncho dislike. But maybe not. Drab colors, scalloped edging, and no shaping. I understand why Martha likes it, a fellow prisoner made it for her, and haven't we all loved something ugly because someone wonderful gave it to us? But the people who want a Martha Poncho of their own? Puh-leze. It's not like Martha wore it at a celebrity fundraiser.... she was released from PRISON! Do you really want someone to ask you why the poncho looks familiar? Enough with the celebrity idolization- infamous does not mean fashionable!
ok- that's my rant. Go make the Jessica Simpson shawl instead. Please.

It would be nice if they actually ordered more ponchos from the woman who made the original, instead of making knockoffs. I'm sure she could use the cash.
LOL your post cracked me up! i personally didn't like the poncho either pretty UGLY! where might one find the Jessica Simpson shawl pattern?

thanks for stopping by my blog! just thought i would return the favor! I went to collge in Winnona Lake IN, just wanted to share since i saw you're from south bend... what a small world. don't feel bad if you've never heard of that place though! LOL most people haven't!
have a great day!
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