Monday, August 15, 2005


Spinning wheel for sale?

1st day of classes went just fine (it was a 1/2 day)
tomorrow it's 8:30am- 6:30pm, so you can just pity me all week long. But it's totally worth it.
Anyway... I have to dress in a suit tomorrow.... it'd be funny if I didn't look so darn great!

off topic- I've been inexplicably desiring a spinning wheel. mmm.... I've been dreaming of Ashford Traditionals, Travellers, but even better-the original folding Lendrum. Needless to say my daydreams include a Louet S90, and I'm not even going to tease myself by looking at nicer wheels than that. It would be torture.
(sigh) it's not gonna happen people. I lack time and $. Technically I lack the $$$.

well- if anyone hears of a spinning wheel in the under $150 range... Preferable single drive (scotch tension), single treadle, with at least a few bobbins, and with a flyer that can deal with ratios that result in smallish medium-weight to bulky weight yarn(no laceweight for me), I'd be the happiest person if you could point me in it's direction... and yet, I'd understand if you need to hang on to that wunderbar deal.

I'm going to the Mich. Fiber fest for classes this week. I'll keep my eye out!
Welcome back!

Looks like you got hit by a comment spammer (above)...
Thanks Madalyn- for some reason I didn't get an email announcing another comment.

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