Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I'm alive...

Really! I move back to the Bend next week-and the last 3 weeks I've had a guest pass to the Multiplex- which by the way is fabulous! But knitting has progressed... I've been working on my pregnant sister's blanket- it's almost 1/2 way done! (hooray)

Candy has been done for a while now, I wore her to work when the other knitter in the office wasn't there (she's been working on it for months and I didn't want to make her feel bad about not being as fast a knitter as I am)

I mailed the niece's sweater, with some cute Elmo stickers- my (other) sister emailed me saying she loved the color (thank god-I was worried about the red) and the niece loved the stickers. Heh- kids, I guess I never need to knit them anything again, just send them sheets of age appropriate stickers until they reach puberty. Hmmm, that would leave more time for selfish knitting!

I've also won an Ebay auction for "knit a fantasy story" by Jan Messant- it's sooooo cool! knights, witchs, dragons, unicorns, farms, and tons of other stiff- you can even knit a castle!
Why am I in law school again?

I also made these crochet lavender sachets for my visiting aunt and aunt in law, they smelled so good, my boss asked me if I could make her twin boys one for Christmas.... riiight, I'm sure it would end up in their toy chest, mmmhmmm. Actually I decided to make her boys (2 year olds) hats. One gets to be a dalmation, and the other one gets to be a tiger.

Oh yeah- I move back early next week... and once I'm partially moved in, I'm going to beeline for Sit & Knit, Main Street's newest knitting store. HOORAY!

Yay!!! Let me know when you will be there and maybe we can sit and knit together.
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