Saturday, August 06, 2005



Ok- first the great news, I made a journal! It's the Journal of College and University Law... hooray!

ok, second of all, I went to a meeting today, and someone saw my baby blanket that I'm working on, and loved it. She asked me if I had the pattern, I said no, it was at home, since I don't need to look at it anymore. This woman (in her 60's at least) leaves for a moment and returns with a stamped envelope with her name written on it and asks/instructs me to photocopy the pattern and send it to her. I told her it was in a small pattern book, and that I could just give her the name of the book and she replied, "Well, I might not have the book." I was just so surprised at when she repeated the request/demand, that I just said ok - mind you this was all in whispers, my knitting is sliding out of my hands, and it took under a minute.
So I'm sitting there, and thinking about this, and since I'm moving on Monday, not only do I think it is wrong to copy something and send it, I'm not really happy about the idea of copying something for someone I don't know at all when I'm supposed to be moving. But that is besides the point. I mean, if someone I knew asked for the pattern, I would loan them the whole book. About 2 minutes after she had handed me the envelope, I went up to her and said that I wasn't comfortable copying for her, because of copywrite problems, and that someone who wrote the pattern might be making a living off of it. She huffed a little, and I repeated that if she gave me her phone #, I'd be happy to call her with the name of the book. But wow, was she mad! She wouldn't say one word to me after that, but she did write down her phone number.

So here's the big question- would you call her with the name of the book after being treated so rudely? I mean, she is a knitter- a misguided one, but a knitter at that, just trying to get a pattern she thought was beautiful. I'm torn- let me know what you think. (I'm leaning on the side of call anyway.)

I wouldn't call her or mail her anything. You aren't obligated to do either and her behavior doesn 't warrant going the extra mile.
Congrats on making the journal!

Wow, that lady sounds like a real jerk. I agree with Samantha that based on her behavior, you aren't obligated to respond. If she really wanted the pattern that badly, she would have accepted the name of the book from you initially and bought it herself.
Congratulations on your article!

I think you did the right thing and I personally wouldn't call her. She acted badly toward you and really doesn't deserve a response.
Congratulations on the article. It can be really difficult to get published in a peer review should be proud! :)
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