Saturday, August 13, 2005

School starts Sunday for me... I can just hear the monster truck rally commerical in my head- "Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!" I have a ton of work to do today- but it will get done. My secret? I head over to a cafe that doesn't have internet. Then I have to work!

Oh! also, I think some people overestimated me, and assumed that being accepted by a journal meant I was getting published. Nope. In law school, we all fight for the (honor?) of being a staff editior. During the next year, I'll write a Note, and then maybe you all can congratulate me on getting published... but until then- I'm just someone with a red pen. Muhahahaha!

That is still something to be congratulated for. I find the lingo that gets used in different disciplines interesting. When we say we made a journal, it means we were published in it :-)
Congratulations Kristine!
Sunday at a Catholic University- it's blasphemy!
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