Sunday, February 03, 2008


Little Orphan Blog

My poor blog. It's been orphaned in favor for Ravelry. I've been posting and updating my finished and new projects on Ravelry and totally forgot to update the blog.

No more! I have just finished an old stash project- it was actually my standby project for when I wanted something simple to work on.

Behold.... The Squiggly Baby Blanket.

This project was started with leftover stash yarn, and was originally started for my niece's birth. FYI- she's four years old. Part of the reason it took so long was that it used baby weight yarn in a small needle size. In retrospect, a bad choice for speed, but it resulted in a very nice closeup look.
Not one to laze about, I immediately cast on for a new baby blanket- this one in a medium blue worsted weight yarn. I wanted to make a cable patterned blanket, so I pulled out my grandmother's stitch pattern book and flipped through until I found something suitable. Three cable patterns and one lace pattern later....

I had a couple of flights last weekend, so I had some major progress.


Kristine -- you were just starting the squiggle blanket when we first met!!!! How crazy is that?! :-P
Cute Squiggly blanket, but I really like the cabled one! Sandy
Ha! I totally remember you working on that blanket like two years ago. Glad to see UFO's do make it out sometimes!
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