Sunday, July 29, 2007


What song do you hate?

We're working on the music for the reception... the play list and the DO NOT PLAY list... and I need some suggestions for the latter.

So here's my question.... What songs do you hate or wish you could turn back time to prevent yourself from hearing? OR what songs play over and over again at parties and weddings, and that's your cue to slink off to the bar or bathroom?

Here's my starting list....
Electric Slide (not the new Chacha version)
The Chicken Dance
Anything by Celine Dion (this is a personal thing, not general, so no flaming!)
Lady in Red
You Are So Beautiful
When the Moon hits your eye (like a big pizza pie) (Too many shifts at Macaroni Grill)

That's a really good list.
I also suggest Love and Marriage by Frank Sinatra, because it always reminds me of Married...with Children. No one wants that on their wedding.
I'm also opposed to a lot of current pop, but that's just personal.
I, personally, would include anything by Britney Spears. :)
ugh, I forgot about love and marriage. that one is awful.

your list looks exactly the same as our list- it cracked me up. I told the dj that if anyone requested any of those songs, to tell them that I would refuse to pay him if they were played. I figured he knew I was joking, but in the middle of the reception, he ran over to me in a panic. He's like, "those people over there, they just started doing the electric slide to another song! i couldn't get them to stop!" It was so funny :)

oh, and i must add: butterfly kisses. most annoying song ever.
oh and i forgot to tell you congrats on finishing the bar exam! I'm sure you did a great job.

ps. was it as torturous as i imagine it to be?
I love that your sister got them to play the chicken dance anyway. And the electric slide, if I recall correctly? And I'd never before been to a wedding where washboards and spoons were broken out.
After going to a wedding, we ask eachother if it was a 'Proud Mary' wedding. You really don't want to have a 'Proud Mary' wedding....
My favorite thing to do at weddings it try to get the DJ to play songs that are totally inappropriate. My personal best was when I got them to play "Gold Digger" at my sis-in-law's wedding!
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