Saturday, May 05, 2007


Best cake ever

So this happened a little while ago... but since I'm only writing papers, I felt that I need some material, and this is good.

Behold.... the Guinness cake.
It was delicious... the cake itself had Guinness (and cocoa) in it, and was a lovely dense and almost savory taste to it, while the frosting was basically melted chocolate chips, adding just enough sweetness to the cake to make it drool-worthy.
We made it for Jeff's birthday, since he loves Guinness like no one else. No one. Seriously.
ok- now I want cake.

YUM! My two favorites: cake and Guinness!!! TOGETHER! Lucky you!
It is absolutely NOT FAIR for you to post this on your blog where I can't have any of it.
Also, TAG.
See my blog for details.
And that cake still looks really good.
Okay so now I feel really old

Happy Belated Birthday -- how cool -- two of my faves -- and the shape is outstanding!
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