Saturday, January 06, 2007


Knitting ethical question....

Is it cheating on my knitting guild if I go to a knitting group while vacation?

ha! I'm in Breckenridge, and I think I'm going to visit this group- today is not a snowboarding day, since I'm a little sick from a cold and altitude sickness.

While I've been here, I've also worked on 2 tulips for my mom's felted purse from LAST Christmas- it is so true, out of sight, out of mind. It drives me crazy when the pattern refers to another pattern in the book...which I no longer have, because I checked it out of the library. So the tulips will have to wait for thier leaves.

Otherwise, the other knitting is the baby blanket for my sister- due in June and my shawl. And that's probably all it'll be for a while.

:) Happy New Year!

Well, you did make it to the "vacation" knitting group and I was very pleased to meet you.

Thanks so much for the tips!
Psst... I've tagged you for a meme! Go see my blog!
Not cheating at all just making new friends to tell your old freinds about ;)
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