Monday, October 09, 2006


False alarm, or "it's a miracle!"

heh... so actually, my knitting was buried under several things in my backpack. The backpack that I checked 4 or 5 times. In fairness, I have a huge backpack, it's so big that I'm afraid to actually fill it with law books, as the combined weight would probably crush me.
Excuses aside, I'm relieved to have it back... I was having nightmares about a child or someone finding it and turning it into the lost and found, but only after taking it off the needles, causing huge rivers of dropped stitches. I may have been overreacting. Just a tad.
But please forgive me for crying wolf- I have a mid-term in about 20 minutes... and I was so upset about losing my knitting that I couldn't use my other projects as destressors over the weekend study marathon. So guess who didn't sleep much last night :) yep, that'll be me.

I'm glad you found it and I hope the exam goes well:-)
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