Wednesday, October 11, 2006

And this is the hat that I knit from that yarn... knit entirely in 1 day. It would have taken 2 days, but last night, we went to Mishawaka Brew Co with some people, and I brought my knitting with. That's right, I brought my knitting to the bar. :) the fiance wants a support group for the significant others of knitters. Heh. He might want a group that specializes in knitting bloggers. ;)

Only 74 yards? What size is the finished hat?
it's about 21 inches in circumference... in other words- ME sized.

:) I was shocked too, when I actually had enough.
My husband would join that group in a second! Sigh...

Great hat!
What an accomplishment - you spinned the yarn and knitted it. What a pretty hat in a pretty colorway. Congratulations!
That hat looks great! I've only ever spun one skein of yarn. Your hat has me thinking it might be enough for a cap, though...
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