Monday, September 18, 2006


WANTED: quality knitting time

I'm onto row 120 of the lace march at this point... not big news- but I did manage to spin some merino this past weekend. I would call it "lovely" but it was an ebay purchase from a new supplier... who managed to lightly felt the roving when dyeing it. And by lightly, I mean more than I manage to do to my own dyed roving. So it was bad. There are lots of lumps, quite a few overtwisted sections, and the whole shebang is overtwisted- and usually I'm so good at balancing a yarn. Argh.

Oh well- at least the color patterning stayed bright and interesting. (I'll post a picture when my computer gets back from sickbay) It's mostly blues and purples, in a barberpole fashion- I basically split the roving in 2 and spun the color changes in order.

Missed you at the knitting guild meeting on Sunday!
I don't even know why I check your blog... it's practially in a different language. Anyway, just wanted to say hi... Hi. Later : )
Oh yeah, GO BLUE! Way to crush the Irish : )
Thanks Liana... I almost laughed out loud in my Fed Tax class.

also- Hi Madalyn- I'm not sure how many guild meetings I'm going to keep going to. I have a scuba class that takes up a huge chunk of Sundays for another month or so, so I have to make sure that I am getting enough time to study :P But I am going to try to make it to e's spin in!
Woo hoo! I hope you come:-) Scuba is sooo fun! We did the extra ten dives and got the special certification. It's been a while though. Who are you taking classes with? Are you guys going to dive on your honeymoon?
hey! sorry I never got back to you about the pictures of those wire knitted forms. I don't mind at all, though since they were quick snapshots, they aren't the best. :)
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