Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Ripped from News of the wierd headlines...

NO CAPES! (1st person to name that movie gets a prize!)

"The guy in the Ronald Reagan mask who robbed a Bank of America in San Diego in August got away, but all his money was dye-stained, in a caper that went wrong from the start. According to police, the mask covered his eyes; he wore a cape that tangled with his gun, causing him to drop it; his getaway car got blocked in by a delivery truck; he rammed the truck to get away, provoking an argument with the driver; the dye pack exploded; and the mask and gun got left behind. (2) Twice in a week in August, gangs (or maybe the same gang) of bank robbers in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia, tried to haul away an ATM. In the first, they mistakenly yanked loose a check-depositing machine instead of the ATM, and in the second, their excavator's digging arm got stuck in the bank's ceiling. [San Diego Union-Tribune, 8- 29-06] [Reuters, 8-15-06]"

The Incredibles.
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