Tuesday, August 29, 2006


not enough knitting is going on around here

So basically- I'm totally overwhelmed with school, activities, work and other responsibilities. I want a vacation. Yeah- that's me... I want a vacation at the 2nd week of school. :P

And not a measly 3 day vacation- the kind normal people get for Labor Day (no, I don't have it off- I have school) I want a mega vacation- the week long, sleep in, tv watching, knitting, spinning extravaganza of a vacation. That would be great. Although truthfully, I'd probably end up using my vacation to catch up on work.

grr. I have to get back to work now. Maybe I can teach myself to knit in my sleep, a la the Yarn Harlot. :) that would be great. Actually, I'd even take dreaming about knitting. That would be great

mmm that kind of vacation sounds lovely...screw the bus tour sort of vacation! I'll take sleeping, movies in bed and knitting any day!

Hope everything calms down a little!
Hmmm, that kind of vacation sounds heavenly. Can I book one on a tropical isle without the hubby and kiddo? A week by myself. Ooooh what a fantasy.
maybe if you spent less time drinking and crashing cars...
for anyone unable to recognize his wacky sense of humor... anon is the fiance... and to clear my name and reputation, I had 1 woodchuck cider, and we played a videogame which the entire purpose is to cause as much damage to other vehicles by crashing and blowing up your car. Sounds demented, but it is strangely fun.
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