Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Drum Roll please...

I've decided which pattern I'm going to use.
After much thought, I changed my mind, and decided to go with a stole pattern instead of a shawl.

So I've picked "Moon Dance" by Pink Lemon Twist- picture available at

Isn't it pretty!

Now I just have to convince my mother that it's normal for brides to wear shawls at the reception. She's not convinced. Heh.

looks good K, what is a stole actually?
It's totally normal! And that looks gorgeous. If your mom wants proof, go look at my friend wearing her shawl at her wedding reception last month. She's not even a knitter.
oh her designs are lovely!!! I think a stole will be more elegant!Good luck with the finger! Ouch!!

My friend sheila Ernst will be at stitches midwest. Pop in and tell her Hi for me if you get a chance. She is in booth 1011 at the right after you go in the entrance.

Don't spend too much!!!
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