Wednesday, July 19, 2006


looking for suggestions

I've made a decision.... I'm going to be making a wedding shawl. This may turn out to be a dubious decision, but so be it.

I'm asking for your help in deciding which shawl to make- actually, I'm looking for your favorite shawl patterns.

Here's what I'm looking for...
1. a lace-weight shawl that will look good in ivory (I've already bought it-merino!)

2. something not too long(hitting mid to lower back)- so either the pattern is easily modified, or it is already shorter

3. a pattern with some patterning, but not too over the top- while I want people to ooo and ah over the shawl, it should not be so complicated that people try to interpret the "story" i.e. the beautiful Pacific Northwest/ Southwest shawl patterns.

4. I might be easily convinced if the shawl was faroese-styled, that is, there is shaping in the shoulder to help the shawl stay on (I have problems with keeping wraps/shawls on!) Of course- this is not mandatory, since I could get a clasp of some sort too.

I'll post a list of shawls that I'm considering tommorow... but until then, brainstorm away!

okay Kristine
1- Any of Myrna Stahman's Shawls
2- Jackie e.s. shawls from heartstrings
3- Not a shawl but a stunning wedding shrug in knitty archives
If you can stand waiting a couple of weeks, I have a 1914 book of original patterns at my apartment at school. If my memory serves me, there are some really pretty knit shawl patterns in there. -A.
sure... but who exactly are you?
Off the top of my head...

I like the flower basket shawl.

And Charlotte's Web looks really nice in white actually.

but I'll keep thinkin' of them and get back to you if I come up with something really good.

I'm looking for knit cover-up wedding thingys too - more along the lines of shugs though - to hide a half sleeve tattoo.

I like the "I do" from Knitty but honestly - I'm not a big fan of bell sleaves.
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