Monday, July 03, 2006


Finally... more knitting related writing!

It had been a while since I had knit- I was working on a crocheted white and yellow baby blanket that was started because it was somewhat mindless knitting, but now just bores me to tears after I do about 4-5 rows on it. The good news is that it's finally a square, so maybe another few movies, and it'll be done!

Yesterday I went to the Taste of Chicago- yes, I braved it on a SUNDAY- because some friends from SB took the train up. We walked around, ate lots of tasty (expensive) food, and generally enjoyed ourselves. Plus I got to make fun of a perky country band... ahhh, it was a wonderful day.

But the best part was the train ride. Some of you may recall last summer... a vertible knitting extravaganza- with new projects finished in mere weeks, if not days! That was because I took the train downtown for work everyday. Not anymore, and boy, do I miss it! Instead I drive my commute, and by the time I've worked out and get home, it's dinner, some wedding planning and then bed. Ok- by "planning" I mean surfing the net to look at dresses. Sometimes flowers. But mostly dresses.

But yesterday, on the train, I finally turned the heel and finished the decreases on my little blue lacey sock. You know the one... from Spring Break!
Forget second sock syndrome... I've apparently contracted decreasitis.

Have a Happy Fourth!

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