Sunday, May 28, 2006


Ignore the dust bunnies in my knitting please

So there isn't much knitting happening here. In my defense, there's lots of other stuff going on. Exciting stuff. Stuff that I can't tell you about yet. Don't you hate me ;)

I'm back home for the summer, stash and ongoing projects in hand, and will be starting work after Memorial day. Wheee! I mean it. I'm actually really excited about my job this summer.

Anyway... I'm hoping that I can get some other stuff straightened out, and then knitting will be allowed to occur again. Really.

And I'll tell you about the exciting stuff in another post. In the future. I'm not sure exactly when, but probably about a month. :)

Just to head off this consideration (or fear-M), no, I'm not pregnant.

What cool job did you find for the summer?
Enjoy! Im taking 12 credits this summer!
I can't wait to read the "exciting" post! Tell us now! ;)

Well, to tide over your loyal readers, I offer the following gems from NY bar study:
1. In common law, burglary could only be committed at night.
2. Burning a house down with a match will get you 2nd degree arson, but blow it up with TNT and you're looking at 1st degree. Therefore, I suggest a bic lighter when attempting arson.
3. If you're trying to serve an infant, you can properly serve a copy on his or her adult spouse. Hmm...
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