Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sorry Melissa, but I've been in Aruba with my parents.... I miss it already (sigh)
I had a really great time there, mostly basking (I mean burning) in the sun, catching up on my Jurisprudence reading, snorkeling, and even a little windsurfing :) don't you hate me now?

of course, I got some knitting done... I'm all finished with the pieces of my latest Knitty sweater jacket- minus the collar and finishing. I'll post a few pictures when I get back to the Bend. I also turned the heel on my first lacy sock. I'm knitting lacy socks on size 1's. Unfortunately, I can only work on it a few hours at a time, because my eyes start swimming.

Sarah and E- I'll see you both at the next Tuesday... which is not this upcoming week, but the following- right? Maybe I'll see you at the Sunday meeting first though.

Stephanie- thanks for the encouragement- they both made it in on time, and both were coherent. I'm one of those people who procrastinate for a while, and then want to edit the paper 5-10 times, so I generally get a little crunched for time.

Melissa- here's your post! call me :)

It sounds like you had lots of fun:-) I will be in mexico on the Tues of the next Tuesday meeting:-P
Missed you at the meeting. Hopefully I'll see you at Lula's. I was so afraid it was last week and I slept through it. Even if it wasn't this week let's go anyway :D
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