Tuesday, March 21, 2006


so scatterbrained

today I walked out of the house with a project- but the wrong one. It's a new project, so new in fact that I've only made the swatch, which would normally be ok, but I haven't washed and blocked the swatch, so starting the new project (a hat) will have to wait a day or two.
But that's ok- because I've got some reading to do.

Current WIP's
1. denimstyle jacket- needs blocking, seaming, a collar and more seaming. Yes, in that order
2. blue sock #1- I'm still in the gusset decreases, but it's so pretty!
3. new hat- coral colored, with a pink ribbon yarn flower

I really feel the need to spin too. Maybe I'll do a little tonight.

By the way- Sarah, I can't meet tonight, because there is a community meeting for the Family Justice Center(a new center meant to create access to many agencies for domestic violence victims in one building).

7pm at the Hesburgh auditorium if anyone else is interested- this is a South Bend issue.

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