Saturday, January 21, 2006


Sleeping Beauty Awakes!

I went to the Russian National Ballet's production of Sleeping Beauty tonight at the Morris, it was nice. I have no ability to judge the ballerinas' skills, but one of the issues I've always had with ballet is how difficult it is to become involved with the story. But that's kind of my issue, isn't it? But anyway- here's a review from someone who knows... I totally agree with her about the distorted music- I was disappointed with the quality, and wished there was an orchestra

anyway... one funny moment was seeing a few ballerinas with forbidden spindles, and they began knitting with them. heh. I was amused, and even more so when I realized I might be one of only a very, very, very few in the building who actually knows how to use a spindle.

Ha! I was watching the silent version of The Phantom of the opera and during one of the operas one of the players was 'spinning' on a spinning wheel but the distaf was behind her and the yarn was coming from a lump of yarn on the floor-lol!
Sleeping Beauty is the one where she pricks her finger on the spindle, right? Is that even possible? Is there a needle or pointy thing on a spindle?

(I'm so wheel ignorant- I don't even know which part the spindle is...)
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