Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The first week of law school has hit like a ton of bricks.

my classes
Jurisprudence (the 8:30 am one)
family law
juvenile law
Restorative justice
Legal Aid clinic

see that last one? The clinic is time consuming. So I've decided not to try out for Mock Trial. I'll miss it, but I need the extra hours, because I really haven't been knitting enough.
actually, last night I worked a bit on my older sister's shrug. It's coming along, but slowly.

In other knitting news, I have 2 socks that need to be finished and sent off to the marvelous M (who needs to email me her address)

I also need to finish some flowers for my mom's Xmas purse, and a baby hat that some guild members saw on Sunday.

Sorry for all those people going to Sufficient Grounds tonight, but a friend of mine is leaving town, and tonight is her going-away dinner.

Kristine!!!! Been busy huh? I know what you mean about not knitting and having time. My times been spent at doctors appt.s for the last couple of weeks! Almost over though! Yeah! We will be having a spin in coming up at my house in a couple of weeks! Let me know if any particular day of the week is good for you, and I will try to schedule it around that! Because I want you to be able to come! I know you have school though. We'll be having lunch too!:) happy knittin and spinnin chicky
We missed you:-) We also talked about possibly changing the day. Margel, you and Lori can't come weds. and we are not all tied to weds. I told everyone to consult their calenders and we will talk next sufficient grounds Weds.
Welcome to the Spinning Wheel!
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